Individuality is the cornerstone for an effective web site. Each site needs to fulfill different objectives and so needs a unique design. Yet, design for the sake of design is not enough as elaborate graphics and plug-ins, are not only quite time-consuming, but could even distract the viewer from your underlying objectives.

The Omnitron team strives to give each site its own individuality. At the same time, we make sure that the underlying objectives are conveyed to the viewer in simple, yet elegant, fashion. In some cases visual extravagance is essential to maintaining a company's brand image. In others it can be extremely annoying, and best avoided.

The basic goal of any web site is to help viewers to browse the site, answer their questions and generate business for you. To achieve this goal, we pay special attention while developing a design hierarchy for your site. We focus on breaking down each page into concise sections and arranging them in order of importance, so that your viewers can find what they want more easily. We also ensure that nomenclature and iconography is consistent throughout your site.